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Several healthcare BPO companies have emerged in the last couple of decades to offer their clients in this particular segment with the ultimate solutions. They do play a key role to offer specialized services, like pharmacy billing, medical claims processing, etc. Finding more about the company from its My Bpo Business section in the official website will prove to be more than useful in the selection process.

Some services offered by healthcare BPO providers

  • Pharmacy management related services offered:
    • Data conversion entry: LTC pharmacy data conversion and entries in different formats.
    • Making refill order entries: Upon receipt of refilling orders, it is necessary to make immediate entries to ensure uninterrupted medicine supply.
    • Emergency kit order entries: There are some kits that are required to be used during emergencies. Hence, entries of this nature are to be made without delay.
    • Managing refill requests: There is to be offered efficient services to manage the different requests made for refills that usually come in huge volumes.
  • Pharmacy billing services offered:
    • Regular patient census updation
    • Information recording related to all admissions
    • Prior authorization management through physician approval and documentation
    • Refill volume management for both pharmacies and patients
    • Reimbursement follow-up of medical expenses
    • Posting of different types of payments from insurance companies
  • Mail order management services:
    • Refill request management: This is a voluminous and time consuming task that is handled by the well trained staffs. Immediate entries are made on receipt of requests and forwarded to healthcare pharmacy. Also refills are monitored for new patients.
    • Triage: It is necessary to get every document scanned and thoroughly verified using state of the art technological process and with proper medical coding. The latter make uses of optical character method to process documents smoothly and in real time.
    • Authorization: It is important to seek prior authorization for every patient and physician approval received to ensure there is no kind of disruption with medicine supply at any point of time. Patients are to be provided with the choice to switch to generic brands, if applicable.
  • Document management services: This being part of BPO healthcare solutions is to be efficiently handled using the latest technical processes like:
    • Sorting: It requires meticulous processing with regards to the categories using technical sorting process. Records are to be maintained for every patient.
    • Triaging: It is essential to process documents in volumes. Here, the bpo management services are assigned with the task to scan and verify every document by using optical character coding process to complete their job in real time.
    • Association: It is only the well learned pharmacist team who are to handle all documents. They are to sort out problems and manage refills.

Getting My Bpo Business at the leading web portals will help to find out bpo healthcare outsourcing companies that boasts of having crucial infrastructure, so as to manage different types of tasks effortlessly and easily. The professionals are trained adequately to carry out various types of tasks which include pharmacy billing and handling refills. My Bpo Business You Tube section of the company should be trivial or nil, which will showcase their capability to provide better services.

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