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In the recent few years the demand and popularity for domestic BPO projects have grown enormously. Previously the hype used to be all about off shore BPO projects, International processes, however in the last decade Indian BPO industry has improved beyond expectations. The support required by every other Indian business houses, financial institutes, marketing departments, public and government services, have led to the opening of thousands of call center franchise around every state. A commendable portion of these call centers include inbound BPO processes. The workings of inbound process are patterned in a particular way.

Types of Inbound Call Centre Processes

One of the best examples of inbound call centers are the customer care units associated with every other government or private services, like for BSNL, Gas booking, Electricity, etc, are basically inbound BPO services. Therefore, though there are basically two types of call centre processes, International and Domestic, yet here the given examples about directly relates to domestic inbound processes.

  • While in case of International call centers, the language of communication is mostly English, either in British accent or US accent, offering information, service related support to international clients.
  • In case of domestic processes, the communication medium is mostly Hindi as per my BPO business or other regional languages.

Working Pattern

  • In most of the call centers nowadays, a toll free customer care number is provided against the services. The clients need to call on the customer care number, the line is directed to the call center portal where a customer care agent handles the call to take my bpo business, resolve queries, offer information, or take bookings for a product, etc.
  • Though the customer care number is one, yet it is punched to several receiving ends, with multiple agents available to receive your call at a time.
  • Either it relates to my bpo business Just Dial or queries, if all the agents in the office are busy on call, the caller may need to wait for an agent to answer the call.

Inbound call center projects according to my BPO business You tube are mostly dedicated to offer information,  booking or providing information. Starting from telecommunications to online product purchasing, to every other services available these days, you get a customer care number for assistance and support. Besides, most off the numbers offer 24/7 service which means they are at service for you all the time.

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