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Bpo firms work to link service provider to those who require their service and numerous services are currently being delivered through Bpo. In a related article, I discussed the basic things needed to start a Business Processing outsourcing firm and I had used an Indian template of My Bpo Business Delhi. This post is a more direct one, focusing on how you can create a Bpo call center firm using a My Bpo Business Justdial; I will, however, focus on India as they have the largest reserves for Bpo customer service in the world. The following are some of the things you need to do if you want to start My Bpo Business Twitter.

The world of business keep changing every day as new ways to offer service unfolds daily. Business process outsourcing is one of the recent ways where service providers are meeting up with an ever-increasing growth of the business industry.

Register your Business

You have already decided your Bpo Business will be offering customer care services, so there is no point telling you about researching what field of Bpo you are going into. You have made your decision and a good one it is. Customer care representative roles are easily available in India because most of the educated population can communicate in simple and acceptable English. Let us start on a legal note; to start a business anywhere, you are required to register under the government. This should be simple to understand, the government wants to know what sort of business you are doing under their watch and alert all necessary authorities if there is any need to be alarmed. You are pretty coming clean, so do not worry, start by registering your business. You need to also know the state financial requirement and taxes before you commence. This is to equip you so that nothing meets you unaware.

What type of call center do you want?

There are different classes of calls handled by customer care representatives, most times different people are hired to take care of different types of call duties. They include inbound calls, outbound calls, Telemarketing, and Web-enabled.

  • Inbound calls involve use receiving calls from customers and meeting up with their request; you are not required to call any customer in inbound calls. An inbound call center agent performance is measured by their average call handling time. Time taken attend to a customer satisfactorily and ability to maintain the low queue. Today’s inbound call customer service agent might also be required to attend to emails and chat
  • An outbound call customer care agent is responsible for calling customers from the call center on behalf of the company
  • Telemarketing, on the other hand, sounds related to outbound calls but it is more specific. It involves direct marketing where a customer service agent is required to call customers and introduce the company‚Äôs product and services to them with an attempt to convince them to buy.
  • A web-enabled customer is also saddled with the responsibility of selling product and services to a customer. They can work by helping a customer on the other side of the web to see different products available and then convince the customer to make a purchase.

Customer care agents are usually saddled with one of these roles, but a company can decide to employ for both inbound and outbound calls for example or to make you work in both Telemarketing and Web-enabled service. There are others who believe both Telemarketing and Web enabled service is under outbound calls and so should be handled by an outbound call agent. Your decision might be based on the request you get from companies as there are usually people available to take these jobs in any of the forms it comes.

Buy required Equipment

Setting up a customer service center can be financially tasking sometimes, especially if you are trying to start on a large scale. You will need to get computers, headset, office supplies and most especially an internet connection that is high-speed. You also can not work without purchasing call center software like Virtual call and in Contact Call Centre


If there is a part of marketing that must not be disregarded then it is marketing. Ability to manage your product effectively will decide the reach of your business. You must ensure your business has good social media coverage by opening a business Facebook, Twitter and Quora account. Opening a blog too will enable your service to reach the required audience. You must not fail to reach professional platforms like LinkedIn and Sulekha where you can have a My Bpo Business Sulekha account. Use the media to your advantage; it is the best way to spread business.

Take the initiatives

You should not just wait in your office hoping to be called by a company. Most companies already have a Bpo firm they partner with. But you can take the initiatives and take your business to them by looking online for companies that are looking for an at home help call center service agent. You can then approach the company and help them get a good agent.

Whether you need to open a My Bpo Business Delhi, a My Bpo Business Sulekha or just a My Bpo Business Justdial; what is most important is to get your business to the desired audience.

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